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When a glimpse of nature can be captured with my Nikon, sharing it keeps it alive. Wildlife lives in the moment. It doesn’t pose. Focusing on my subject ties me to that moment. When I release the shutter, I know that there are no repeats. That moment is gone. I am left with an image. A photograph. Giving that lost moment an eternal life.

I had my first glimpse of beauty a few years back, watching the birds feed in my neighbor’s backyard. I was struck with an urge to see more and closer, and so came the first telephoto lens. A new world was unveiled. The beauty had been there all along; I just never saw it. A few years later, I left the backyard and found my way to the river.


Down by the Canal Series


Wildlife abounds at Riverfront Canal Park. The diversity of habitats in this concentrated area makes the perfect setting to witness a variety of animals in their own backyard. When our paths cross, I get excited knowing that we are sharing the same space in time.  These photographs are the evidence of our sharing.

This series began in March 2007 and will continue until the river ceases to flow.


Sparkle Clark

November 2007      


Great Blue Heron